«Managing Changes» Training Course


November 11-12, 2014, two-day training on “Managing Change” was held in the territory of “Ak-Bulak” Alpine resort, located in a picturesque gorge not far from Talgar.

The training was attended by the heads of all departments of the Company. Alexei Kapusta, a coach from Ukraine (certified Adizes management system coach) introduced participants to the principles, methods, and some of the tools of organizational change.

Managers were able to self-diagnose both the Company as a whole and their divisions. Special attention was paid to the managers’ functions, divided based on P.A.E.I. Principle.

The principles of effective meeting were adopted unanimously. Teamwork with the declared principles of mutual trust and mutual respect were also included. Special attention was also given by training participants to 8-stage decision-making module.

In general, managers have received food for thought and a fresh approach to the work of their departments in the Company.